The term honeymoon originates from newlywed couples drinking mead (honey beverage) in celebration of their first weeks of marriage. Societies at the time used moon cycles for their calendars, hence the ‘moon’ in honeymoon. During a couples first moon of marriage, mead (honey beverage) would be consumed to mark a special time for their new beginnings.

Fast forward to the present – weddings now can cost anywhere from $20K- 30K+ for just one day. Gathering friends and family to celebrate a very special moment in your life is may be worth it but it can take away your time with your special someone after the big day.

We’ve come a long way from 5th century traditions, with more energy put into the wedding day and not enough time celebrating the newlywed’s new life together. You don’t have to miss out entirely on your honeymoon after a big expense like your wedding with our 5 affordable honeymoon destination ideas to consider:


Imagine living like a king and or a queen for a week! Hard to imagine after you paid $20K+ for your wedding but it is possible. In Bali your dollar can go a long way. Plus, if you decide to plan ahead, your tickets can be purchased at a decent price. In fact, the ticket to get there would be the most expensive cost for your honeymoon. How about that? Beautiful beaches, great food and culture with your newly beloved for the cost of love.  


Have you ever been to the Rocky Mountains? It is quite a sight and what a way to share this beauty with no one other than your newly spouse? On top of that you can rent an Airbnb that comes with a jacuzzi or even a pool and an amazing deck view of the vast land. Now, who wouldn’t want to share this experience with their loved one?

Florida Keys

The Caribbean is a perfect yet expensive destination for a honeymoon. A more affordable destination to consider is the Florida Keys. The keys have pristine beaches, warm waters, palm trees and an opportunity o swim with dolphins. The Florida Keys several miles of romantic honeymooning and offers everything the Caribbean does without the expensive price tag.

San Juan Islands, Washington

Another great outdoor honeymoon destination lets you disconnect with everything and reconnect with your newlywed. On Orcas Island, you can rent a cabin and go kayaking or even have an intimate beach bonfire.  

If a cabin is not for you, there are plenty of bed and breakfast options to select from. The area prides itself with plenty of farm-to-table restaurants and a variety of galleries.

Savannah, Georgia

If the beach or woods are not your cup of tea than try Savannah, Georgia. It is small, interesting and filled with plenty of history. Explore the vibrant nightlife, or perhaps take part in a ghost hunt! Hungry? There are plenty southern cuisine options to try. Whether it is the beach, mountains or a historical town, take your honeymoon! Don’t pass the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your new love, after all it is tradition.