With the summer upon us, the pool is the place to be. But, it is one of the hardest things to clean. If you have had one very long, you likely know this to be the case. Keeping up with the water and every portion of the pool and the area around it can be quite a challenge. Luckily, there are many helpful tips available for this need.

We all know of the chlorine in the water, and the need to clean the filter regularly. But, is there more to it than that? There have to be easy ways to keep the pool deck or patio clean as well. So, Let’s start with some key tips for the overall clean pool:

  1. Skim, brush, and vacuum weekly
  2. Keep your filter clean for optimal performance
  3. Backwash your filter bi-weekly
  4. Shock the pool regularly
  5. Use algaecide to prevent algae growth
  6. Maintain good water circulation

With all of this, it is easy to learn that the maintenance of a pool is likely much more work than you would ever expect, especially if you are just now in the market for one. It takes a great deal of effort and expense to keep that pool crystal clear throughout the summer months, and if you can’t do it yourself, then paying someone to do so can be expensive as well.

There are some additional helpful tips that can provide some more detail toward maintaining that crystal clear water, safe and fresh for your kids, friends, and the rest of your family to swim in. Some things to make sure you do, include the following:

  1. Run your pump at least 8 hours a day
  2. Clean out your skimmer basket weekly
  3. Empty out your pump and filter basket weekly
  4. Consistently clean out your filter
  5. Monitor and troubleshoot any unexpected PSI changes

With all of this in mind, there is much to consider for the amount of work to be done on your weekends if you have a pool at home. We all know that summer weekends can already be filled with yard work and other needs, and with a pool added into the mix, there is much more to cover! But, if you have one already, these tips can offer some easy steps to maintain that crystal clear, clean, and healthy water that is perfect for everyone swimming in daily.