It can take a little work to get ready for bed. It’s not only about making sure all the doors are locked and everyone is tucked in. It should also be about dedicating a few minutes to take care of your skin. After spending a day outside in the elements, your skin will need some pampering.

The following nighttime tips will help you promote healthy skin:

Remove Makeup

One of the most important tips about wearing makeup is to not wear makeup to bed. This is very true when it comes to eye makeup. As pretty as makeup looks, it might clog pores along with other environmental pollutants. This is the reason why it needs to be removed before going to bed. It is also a very good idea to keep a stash or makeup removal wipes beside your bed just in case you fall asleep early.

Cleanse Your Face

Makeup removal is like removing the first level. You need to cleanse your face to get really clean. This can be done with any cleanser that works well with your skin. You may need to test a few until you find the one that you suits you. Massage the cleanser in using lukewarm water and then rinse. A couple of times per week you need to exfoliate your skin using a cleansing brush to remove any dead skin cells. Remember, it needs to be a gentle scrub to avoid damage.

Apply Moisturizer

As soon as your face is thoroughly clean, it’s time for you to apply a moisturizer. Search for a moisturizer which contains hyaluronic acid. This will let the skin draw in water and also keep it nourished during the night.

Concentrate on the Eyes

Your eyes along with the area around them are the most sensitive part of your body. You need to find a specific eye cream that was created to target this area. Don’t forget, the aim is to not only clean but also hydrate as well. Apply ing the correct lotions can help reduce the occurrence of wrinkles.

Finishing Touches

Apply lotion to your hands and Vaseline to your lips before you are ready to call it a night. This will provide additional nourishment to those areas. You will have a great night’s sleep knowing you have taken excellent care of your skin.