A travel trailer is different from a motor home RV, as it does not have its own driving gear or engine. Instead, a travel trailer is hooked up to the back of a car or truck and pulled. They’re great alternative to staying in hotels and can be parked in RV camps.

Freedom And Opportunity

When you’re in a Travel Trailer RV there is adventure, freedom and endless opportunity to visit just about anywhere. You can tour your own state or cross country and be able to sleep comfortably.

Just think about it- each day, you get to wake up in a different location, and each day you can decide on a new plan.

A Travel Trailer RV is an affordable way to travel, especially for people on a fixed income.

Before purchasing your new ride, do not forget that RV’s are available in a choice of sizes and designs. One of the most popular kinds of RVs is the travel trailer

The following steps will help you purchase the ideal travel trailer for you:

What Size Travel Trailer Do You Want?

Travel trailers are available from a modest 12 feet in length up to a mammoth 35 feet in length. The size you purchase will depend on your requirements. Typically, the frequency of your travel and the duration of your trips will help to define the size of the travel trailer you need.

New or Used Travel Trailer

Used travel trailers are cheaper than newer models and can be purchased for a large discount off the price for a new model.

Where to Store the Travel Trailer

A smaller travel trailer might be ok to store in your driveway, but if you go for a larger model you might have to rent a space to store it.


There are a variety of floor plans available for travel trailers. There’s the option of a built-in kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. Some travel trailers have sofas that convert into beds and others have separate bedrooms.

Go for a Test Drive

Whether you are buying a used or new travel trailer, ask to take it for a test drive before committing to making the purchase. While you may love the interior of the travel trailer, during a test drive you may discover the model is difficult to haul or bulky.