Is it? Read more to find out!

The internet has recently gone viral with videos of cats’ frightened responses to cucumbers. The cat’s initial reaction may be to turn away. However, when their owners secretly place a cucumber behind them and they turn around and see it, the frightened reaction is much more of a jump away from it.

With the many different shocked reactions to this simple object by a cat, there are various theories as to what may cause that fear in cats. One of the most common theories provided by experts is the fact that the image of a cucumber appears similar to a snake. Apparently, cats are naturally afraid of snakes, and with the view of the cucumber likely representing a snake the fear occurs obviously.

Even more, the American Association of Feline Practitioners presents that cats have a strong sense of smell, and hearing that produce will seem strange to them unless they are around it often. According to their theory, unless a cat spends a lot of time around produce, the smell and sight of cucumber would be strange and frightening for many reasons.

Often the fear of this prank played on a cat is increased by the fact that it takes place while they are eating. Considering the fact that a cat’s feeding area is a sort of sacred ground, the idea to the cat may be that the cucumber is sneaking upon them to steal their food. Without knowing that it is simply an inanimate vegetable, that fear could be an automated response for anything that comes upon them while they are eating at any time. So, in this way PAWS Chicago is another publication that presents that this is an instinct of fear and anxiety that any cat would believe the cucumber is a threat.

Other times where the fear may occur is when the cat is surprised by the appearance of the cucumber while they are using the litter box and then turn around to see the cucumber. Again, this may be a severe surprise where they don’t recognize the smell or view of the cucumber, drawing fear and anxiety that causes a jump or dive away.

Considering the fact that these surprises are easily done while cats are completing their quiet activities like eating and using the litter box, the fear that may be developed with these tricks could eventually ruin their routines for the use of their places, so be careful about playing those tricks on your cat.