After the dangers of COVID-19 all throughout 2020, there is so much to worry about the possibility to celebrate the holiday season. You likely would love to celebrate New Year’s eve looking forward to the potential improvement of next year. But, it’s still not safe to party together with friends and family.

Luckily, you have probably learned about the many different ways to meet with others virtually throughout the year. So, some basic steps can be followed to at least set up an entertaining online celebration while looking forward to 2021. Plan with consideration of your family members and friends’ schedules who will be invited.

Some things to consider from the beginning are also a platform that everyone can access, keeping it short and sweet while working into the time they will likely have available right there in front of the screen and entertained. Also, be sure to send out electronic invites to everyone with all of the details, often easily done at the same time you choose the platform.

Take a look at some key items to be included in your virtual party, most importantly those that can be put together once the first step of a scheduled time, selected platform, and invitations are complete: 

1. Set A Dress Code & Theme

2. Decorate Your Backdrop

3. NYE-Themed Activities (games, music, dance trivia, etc.)

4. Virtual Ball Drop

No matter what, even a virtual party can be decorative and colorful. This is included in the invitations and the background decor of the party as well. All of the activities included in your virtual party can be visually representative of a standard New Year’s Eve party, even though it’s all online!