Going on a cruise vacation is a very exciting experience that can be displayed by how far in advance you begin packing your luggage. Some people get so hyped up for their cruise that they start packing their stuff a month in advance. Providing you are packing the correct items then that is not a problem. We will assume that you have packed enough casual wear, swimsuits, along with some posh outfits for fine dining. You will also need to include some practical items.

The following are the items you should pack in your suitcase:


You will not have any issues sourcing sunscreen from the numerous shops onboard. What if your preferred brand is not available or is very expensive which is very possible. You would be advised to pack your own sunscreen. Also remember the additional sun protection items such as sunglasses, hats, plus aloe cream as a precaution if you get burnt.

First-Aid Kit

You should consider packing a first-aid kit for a quick relief as no one wants to be feeling sick during their cruise vacation. Ensure your first-aid kit some of the basics such as Alka Seltzer, aspirin, pain relief aching muscles, Vitamin C, Band-Aids, and cough drops. You will be able to ask for these items from the infirmary on board, but that would mean leaving your room to receive the help. It’s better to take it along with you.

Equipment Chargers

You will very likely be packing your camera and phone chargers. Before you board double-check that you have packed them as they can be very expensive to purchase onboard. One other item you may want to take on board with you is a multi-prong plug-in or power strip. The cabins on cruise ships are well known for not having enough power outlets.


Drinks can be very expensive onboard a cruise liner. The basics are included with your main meals but you can still be left feeling thirsty. Before boarding, grab some sodas and water and put them in your carry on or luggage. Another good idea is taking a reusable drinks bottle with you to fill up at one of the many soda fountains onboard.

Alarm Clock

The majority of cabins on board do not have an alarm clock. You can request a wakeup call, but what if you sleep through it? A travel alarm clock can solve that problem. There’s always your cell phone, to avoid roaming charges set it to airplane mode and set the time to the same as the ship. You may be in a completely different time zone.