A traffic jam and delay at the airport are both very similar as in there’s nothing you can do to change the situation. Getting frustrated is pointless as it will not make the traffic move any faster. If you are on your way to an appointment, you should contact the people you are meeting with and let them know that you will be late. While being stuck in traffic sucks there are many things you can do during your next traffic jam to make the most of it.

The following are some of your options for when you are stuck in a traffic jam:

Practice Your Positive Thinking

Even though you should not meditate while behind the wheel you can practice positive thinking instead. When in traffic take the time to think about your goals for the day, week, month and year ahead. Total up everything you have to be positive about and consider how you can achieve those goals. Directed thinking will assist you in achieving those goals. This would be a very productive way to make the most of your next traffic jam.

Play a Podcast

There are as many podcasts to listen to and enjoy in your next traffic jam as there are audio books. A podcast is basically a mini-talk show. The podcast host can either have guests or be doing all the talking themselves. As for the topic of the podcast, whatever your interest is there’s bound to be a podcast that matches your interests. A quick search of iTunes will help get you started.

Play an Audio Book

Has your time for reading got away from you? When did you last read a good book? Listening to an audiobook can help you make up for a lack of reading time. You can find as many classic and current books available on audio as you would find printed in a library. It’s possible that your local library may even have audio books that they lend out. There are other services available that allow you to borrow books on a subscription basis. Word of warning: You may become so involved in a chapter that you will continue to listen to it until it ends even when you have reached your final destination!

Record Voice Memos

Your Smartphone most likely has a default voice memo app. If it doesn’t, then you can easily find plenty to choose from in your preferred app store. You can easily use voice memos to write your own story, take notes for a current work project or even make shopping lists. You can create a transcript for a voice memo, with some apps.