There will always be new diet fabs coming out. Each fab is qualified based off new health reports. You are recommended to eat this many of a certain item or not to eat an item. The diet recommendation will benefit your health and has proven beneficial to your health based on results.  With the internet and the constantly changing trends it can be difficult to choose which regime to participate in.

Thankfully, there are those occasional health reports that encourage amazing things like eating chocolate and pasta in moderation can be good for you. By following good eating habits, you might finally make a dieting break through and shed those last stubborn pounds.

The following are five eating habits to incorporate into your diet:

Begin Each Day With a Healthy Breakfast

We know most people are hopping onto the band wagon with intermit fasting but that doesn’t mean you have to. Your first meal of the day is still the most important. Whether it is at 7 in the morning or if you’re fasting until the afternoon. What you decide to consume once you break your fast will affect what you eat throughout the rest of the day. Jump start your day whenever it might be to aide with your metabolism which will be the catalyst to burning calories.  

Fuel the rest of your day with the proper selection of carbs and proportions.

Eating The Similar Foods Each Day

If you look at certain fitness guru’s meal regime, you’ll notice several similarities, it is portioned controlled, pre-planned and each day is similar.  Now this doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing every day but keeping it consistent is what it is about.

Whole Foods

With all the research and science, we’ve finally admitted that all the processed food is most definitely not good for you. Even places like McDonalds are offering more whole food options- like salads to accommodate. The power of whole foods allows your body to work for you. They fill up your stomach, stop the hunger cravings but are not high in calories.

Eating Smaller Meals, More Often

Many fitness experts support the belief of eating every three hours. This does not mean sitting down to a buffet but instead snacking on small amounts of good foods like protein, nuts, or fruits. The Key is to not let yourself get hungry.

Keep it simple, a piece of fruit between breakfast and lunch and a handful of almonds between lunch and dinner and you will be good to go.

Drinking More Water

Technically this is more of a good drinking habit- but you’ll still need liquids to incorporate in your diet to benefit from your healthy eating habit. Water is essential to life. Without it you’ll get dehydrated. Consuming water daily will help remove toxins and at times prevent you from eating more than needed.

Finally, as an extra eating habit and probably the best of them all is to close the kitchen at an early hour. Anything after 7 is rule of thumb, but with summer hours extend to 8 pm. You’ll allow your body to rest and prepare for the next days consumption. How many good eating habits do you embrace?