Looking for some fun and creative Christmas crafts to do with your friends and family? Check out our top 6 below! From gingerbread houses to homemade ornaments, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So get your eggnog ready and let’s get started!

Make your own Christmas cards with construction paper, glitter, and markers.

Get creative this Christmas season by making your own homemade Christmas cards! All you’ll need is some construction paper, glitter, markers, and of course, a bit of festive spirit. Whether you want to make a card for all your friends and family or just a special one for someone special, you can customize each one to make it unique and special. Make wintery scenes full of snowflakes and reindeer with white construction paper and some sparkly glitter. Or get bright and colorful with red, green, and gold to add plenty of cheer! Crafting these cards is sure to be lots of fun – click up your tunes to get in the Christmas spirit as you work! Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the extra thought and effort behind their very own handmade card.

Cut out snowflakes from old newspapers or magazines to decorate your windows.

The wintertime can seem a little dreary, but with easy-to-make decorations, you can brighten up your windows! Take some old magazines and newspapers you no longer need, grab a pair of scissors and start cutting out beautiful snowflakes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they stack up, and once all the shapes are cut out, you can hang them against your windowpanes. Your family will love seeing their handiwork hung up around the house — plus, it’s fun to pick out interesting headlines or images! So get creative this season and turn everyday old papers into festive works of art with DIY snowflakes.

Collect pinecones from outside to make a wreath or garland for your mantle.

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to spruce up your mantle, look no further than your very own backyard! By gathering some pinecones from the outside, you can easily craft a beautiful wreath or garland that is sure to make your mantle shine. Even better, this project requires only a few supplies and little preparation time — so you can enjoy making something charming with the wonderful resources around you. And if it’s not quite the aesthetic you had in mind, have no worries — nature’s bounty provides endless opportunities for creative expression.

Bake cookies or gingerbread houses with your kids or grandkids.

Baking with the kids or grandkids is a fun and educational experience and an opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Better yet, you can let your creative side bloom when making delicious cookies or decorating gingerbread houses! Encourage imaginative ideas like adding colorful sprinkles and candies to the cookies. At the same time, they bake or show your baking buddies how to create unique designs on their gingerbread house walls using frosting. You’ll be carving out a sweet spot in their hearts that they’ll never forget!

String popcorn kernels together to make a festive garland for your tree.

Decorations this holiday season can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget the popcorn! Tying together popcorn kernels to make a festive garland for your tree is the perfect way to get your family involved in the holiday spirit. It’s simple, affordable, and will add a unique, homemade touch to your decorations this year. You can choose from different pops of color such as colored butter or dye-infused kernels. And if you’re feeling crafty, add some ribbon and non-toxic decorations like felt cutouts and silver jingle bells. Try stringing up popcorn garlands while playing holiday music to really get everyone in the mood!

Have a wrapping party – invite friends over to wrap presents together while enjoying holiday snacks and music.

Get the party started this holiday season! Invite your friends over and host a wrapping extravaganza. Provide all necessary supplies: wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon, and tape to wrap everyone’s presents. Get into the holiday spirit with festive snacks like candy canes and hot cocoa. And don’t forget to set the mood – turn on some cheerful Christmas music and have fun! Make it an event where you all can come together, have a good time, and get organized for the upcoming holiday celebration. Everyone wins when you turn wrapping presents into a fun-filled party with friends.

What are your favorite homemade Christmas decorations? Do you have any traditions that you love doing each year?